In the biggest “Duh!” announcement of the century, Marvel Studios has greenlit a sequel to their record-shattering superhero blockbuster The Avengers. The film has already grossed over $700 million worldwide and had the biggest opening-weekend take in the history of American cinema with a gargantuan $207 million three-day haul.  While I am still reveling in my blind love and euphoria for Joss Whedon’s magnificent superhero spectacle, I did pause to think of  six things that I would like to see if he decides to get behind the lens of the sequel:

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It’s going to be extremely difficult to review The Avengers without sounding like a gushing, hyperbolic fanboy, but after witnessing the jaw-dropping awesomeness of this film,  I’ve come to a firm, if not rational conclusion — I don’t care. All other comic book/superhero films to this point have been mere prelude; a soft string overture to the full majesty of the orchestra launching into a soaring sonic bombast. X-2: X-Men United? Thanks for playing. Spider-Man 2? Go sit in the corner now. Superman: The Movie? You helped lay the groundwork for this moment, but see ya’. The Dark Knight? Sorry, but it’s time to relinquish your crown, because there is no room for debate now — The Avengers is the greatest comic book movie ever made.

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