If The Hunger Games recent, record-setting box office explosion has taught us anything, it’s that now we really know nothing at all. A moderately budgeted, early Spring release amassing the third-largest opening weekend numbers in history? It’s unheard of…or, is it? Obviously, none of us should be stunned by The Hunger Games phenomenon – Susanne Collins YA novels are on the kindles and bookshelves of millions of readers, and the concept has huge crossover appeal. Yet few predicted it would be the game-changer that it is, and now The Hunger Games is a contender for the #1 box-office grossing film of 2012, a title that critics figured would be decided in a bloody battle among two traditional Summer blockbusters. With that in mind, here’s a look at the Hunger Games’ two competitors, and how these three thoroughbreds are going to finish the race.

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