It’s no secret that I have a giant man-crush on director J.J. Abrams. The man created LOST, which is my favorite television show of all time; directed a beautiful homage to the sci-fi/kid gang films of my youth with Super 8 last Summer; and in the Summer of  2009, he was able to do something that I thought would never happen — he made me like Star Trek.

J.J. put together a terrific cast and made a Star Trek film that was bright, fresh, and easily accessible to non-Trekkies. Of course, many Trekkies now have a deep-seeded hatred for Abrams simply because of that — “How dare you put explosions and action in a Star Trek movie!” Despite the outrage expressed by these hardcore Trekkies, Paramount is moving ahead with a sequel, and the last piece of the puzzle was put into place today when J.J. Abrams finally signed on to direct once again. Vulture has all the gory details, which involved multiple delays due to JJ’s commitments to Super 8, and Alex Kurtzman’s (one half of the notrious Kurtzman/Orci screenwriting duo) plans to make his directorial debut.


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