The Internet has exploded in controversy tonight over some supposed Star Wars Blu-ray leaks. Fans are frothing at the mouth in anger and frustration over some supposed changes in the audio tracks of the films – most notably in Return of the Jedi, where apparently George Lucas has added a couple of “NOOOOOOO” screams from Darth Vader as he picks the Emperor up and throws him to his doom. Here is a clip of that leaked audio track, synched up to the scene:

Also, when Obi-Wan discovers an unconscious Luke in the canyons of Tatooine in A New Hope, the famous “Krayt Dragon” scream has been replaced with a very bizarre, human growl. Click here for the Mp3.

Screenshots from these supposed leaked Blu-ray masters also show Ewoks with improved digital eyes, a new CGI Yoda replacing the puppet in Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and a ton of lightsaber shots that still stand uncorrected from the previous 2004 DVD releases (this seems to be pissing message board-posters off the most).

I have been a George Lucas apologist for a long, long time. I’ve also been chomping at the bit to get my hands onr these Blu-rays since I got my player two years ago. If all of these changes are legitamite, I’m not sure I can defend Lucas anymore. The man is making an absolute art form out of not paying a lick of attention to what his fan base is telling him. Yet, something deep in my gut is crying bullshit on all of this. The “NO” screams coming from Vader sound like snippets of dialogue from previous films cut in and badly mixed. The “Krayt Dragon” scream also sounds off. This could very well just be some asshat with far too much time on his hands messing with the already fragile nerves of beleaguered Star Wars fans hoping this Blu-ray set is as perfect as possible. Hopefully, I can update this post with the ol’ BULLSHIT stamp soon…stay tuned.


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