It’s going to be difficult to write coherently after watching this first trailer for the Ghost Rider sequel, Spirit of Vengeance, but I’ll give it shot. Seriously, I think my eyes caught fire and my brain exploded after gazing upon all the craziness going on in this thing.


I guess I should begin with the odd introduction by the film’s directors, Mark Beveldine and Brian Taylor, who appear to be dead set on taking the title of “World’s douchiest filmaker” away from the current champion Michael Bay. These guys are totally obnoxious, which comes as no surprise given their previous work which includes Gamer and the Crank films. The insane camera angles and crash-editing these guys bring to their material makes a Transformers movie look like the goddamn Tree of Life.

Then there is the content of the trailer itself. Holy flaming balls does this movie look insane. You’ve got Nic Cage delivering his usual demented, deadpan performance as Johnny Blaze, ridiculous car chases and explosions, Idris Elba slumming it, Ghost Rider (admittedly looking very cool in his new burnt and crispy incarnation) throwing cars off the road with his chain and absorbing machinegun bullets, then shooting them out with a combination of hellfire from his mouth! But the coup de grace, ladies and gentlemen, is the very last moment of the trailer where Ghost Rider pisses fire. Yes, you read that right, he PISSES FIRE. HE URINATES FLAMES. Neveldine and Taylor, I surrender sirs. You have my ticket money on February 17.

Here’s a look at the poster.


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