Marvel Comics has a new Spider-Man, and he’s a half-black, half-hispanic kid by the name of Miles Morales. Marvel announced the change in Ultimate Fallout #4 in the wake of Peter Parker’s death in Ultimate Spider-Man #160.  This is probably going to cause a shitstorm of controversy among Marvel fanboys, but it really shouldn’t since this is the “Ultimate” Marvel line, which is just a place for writers to dick around with beloved icons without affecting anything in the real “616” universe.

Ultimate Spidey writer Brian Michael Bendis is especially notorious for pulling this shit in the Ultimate universe. In fact, I’m pretty sure he made Captain America an effeminate asian guy at one point. The awesome thing about this change is that it was directly inspired by the infamous “Donald Glover for Spidey” viral campaign, which took the Internets by storm a year or so ago when Sony was casting a new Spider-Man for Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man movie re-boot, and African-American comedian Donald Glover from Community was lobbying hard for the part.


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