Frank Darabont is a pretty awesome guy. He wrote and directed flicks like The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist (all Stephen King adaptations, of course), and most recently he was the head writer and showrunner for AMC’s breakout Zombie hit The Walking Dead. All of that is apparently over now, because in a surprise move, Darabont has stepped down from his showrunning duties. According to a source at Deadline, who broke the story:

“Darabont, who spent five years trying to get a TV version of the zombie saga off the ground and wrote and directed the AMC pilot, hails from the feature world, and I hear that he never quite adjusted to the daily grind of producing a TV series. Last December, he considered forgoing a writing staff for Season 2 and assigning scripts to freelancers but ultimately went for the traditional writing staff model recommended by the network…”

Sad news, to be sure, but thankfully it will not affect or delay the production for season 2 in any way. The premiere is still scheduled to air this October.


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