Despite the fact that watching first Ghost Rider film is akin to having a cattle prod blasted into your testicles – and despite the return of the completely bonkers Nic Cage –  reports coming out of the San Diego Comic-Con are giving comic fans hope that the sequel, Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance, won’t completely suck. Apparently, the flick will feature some truly insane and innovative camera work from the directors of Crank 2, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. Empire magazine has also released the first production photos from the film, and right off the bat, you can tell everything has a grittier feel. I especially like the burnt, crispy look that Ghost Rider’s bike (and his leather jacket) has, and the skull and flames look a million times better. Idris Elba is always awesome in anything he does, so it’s comforting to see him here. Hell, even Nic Cage’s hairpiece doesn’t look as ridiculous! Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance is due in theaters on February 17th.


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