The San Diego Comic-Con International, otherwise known as the world’s largest conflagration of nerds and geeks, came to an end on Sunday. Here’s some links to most of the major news stories/announcement that broke over the course of the Con’s 4 days:

First, check out some photo galleries of the panels, red carpet arrivals, and most importantly…cosplayers! Check ’em out HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Marvel Studios unveiled uber-awesome artwork for all the major characters in The Avengers. The full banner is shown below, but if you’d like to see each piece broken up in a larger format, Superherohype’s got ’em.

Andrew Garfield read a love letter to Spidey aloud at the Sony panel.

Cinema Blend has a look at the new bike Ghost Rider will sport in the sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Steven Speilberg announced that Jurassic Park 4 is on its way in two or three years.

AMC’s The Walking Dead debuted a banner and this lengthy trailer for the second season starting up in October.

Newsarama has full recaps of what DC Comics revealed at the Con about the upcoming reboot of their entire comic book line, as well as what Marvel Comics  is up to after Fear Itself ends.

Finally, here’s a report on the presentations for 20th Century Fox’s Alien prequel Prometheus, and Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man.


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