Hollywood movie posters were once glorious pieces of art. They featured dynamic, sweeping paintings that captured the awe and majesty of larger-than-life heroes of the silver screen like Indiana Jones or Luke Skywalker. Today however, movie posters are unimaginative, focus-group tested, poorly-photoshopped eyesores that either assault the senses with huge fonts and explosions, or fade into theater walls with their blandness.

 These new X-Men: First Class posters manage to be both garishly offensive and monumentally dull at the same time. The photoshop work looks like it was done by that dude named Greg in the 2Pm “Intro To Digital Design”, class at the Community College, but he had to rush it in order to get some hackey sack in outside the student lounge before his shift at Gamestop started. (Professor X poster after the jump)


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