I’m not going to provide much commentary for the newly released South By Southwest trailer for music video maker-turned-film director Joseph Kahn’s (Torque) new slasher flick Detention, because well… let’s just let it speaks for itself…

I will say that I’m not sure if the movie will be any good (not only does it star Dane Cook, but I will also repeat Kahn’s last film was Torque) but it looks completely bugfuck insane crazy with a side helping of self-aware silly. And, thus, downright AWESOME!!! Josh Hutcherson, of the recently Oscar-nominated The Kids Are Alright,  and Spencer Locke, of the definitely not Oscar-nominated last two Resident Evil flicks co-star.

Unfortunately, I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to embed the actual video, so here’s a link to Shock Til You Drop’s coverage for your enjoyment.

There’s no date set yet for the film — I don’t even think the damn thing has a distributor — but I hope someone comes to there senses soon and bring Detention home. The film looks downright fun, and if all is right in the world it looks like it could end up being The Breakfast Club remade by a deranged slasher-loving madman. One other than me, of course.


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