Australian badass Tom Hardy is white-hot in the acting world at the moment, coming off a major role in Christopher Nolan’s Inception and a critically acclaimed performance in the cult film Bronson. Hardy’s next role will be the villain Bane in Nolan’s Batman finale, The Dark Knight Rises. Hardy was a guest on some obnoxious British talk show called The Chatty Man, and if you can get past the rather, err…flamboyant host Alan Carr acting like a spastic, love-struck schoolboy for about a minute and a half, you can listen to Hardy talk about the character:


Hardy also let it slip on a UK TV show (not sure if it was the same one or not), that he is signed on for more Inception films, should Nolan decide he needs to make a quick buck if any of his films fail add some more rooms on to his gold and diamond-encrusted mansion explore more of the dream-world.


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