So apparently, back in 2007, Warner Brothers began development on a CG-Animated ThunderCats film, under the helm of Gears of War art director Jerry O’ Flaherty. The film was shitcanned a couple of years later, and the test footage was locked away in the Warner Bros. vaults, never to be seen or heard again. However, nothing stays buried from rabid geeks forever, and a site called Flixist got their hands on what they claim is the actual test reel from the abandoned project – a scene of a young Lion-O battling Slithe. As I’ve stated in the past, I don’t really have a stake in a successful or faithful ThunderCats reboot, so the only thing that I can say about this footage is that the young Lion-O is a complete douchebag. What are your thoughts, ‘Cola readers?



  1. It would be nice if we could see what was going on more often. Most of the time the whole thing was in darkness, and we never got a good solid look at anything. Fan project: someone should import it into Premiere or ULead and bring the brightness up 75%.

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