All right boys and girls, time to make like a tree and get outta here for the weekend. Enjoy these fun and festive Friday news links after the jump.


AXE COP – THE MOVIE? Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

Here’s some info on who could possibly direct Pride & Prejudice Vs. Zombies.

In other silly “historical figure battles supernatural forces” news, the lead role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has been cast.

Check out some set photos, posters, and images of the aliens from the Blackhawk Down-meets-ID4 flick, Battle: Los Angeles.

Are Minka Kelly and these other two chicks TV’s new Charlie’s Angels? Do you give a shit?

Dame Judi Dench will play “M” once again in James Bond 23. Cankle-fetishists rejoice!

Peter Jackson undergoes successful surgery for a perforated ulcer, delaying production on The Hobbit yet again. Up next: the rivers in New Zealand will turn to blood and a plague of locusts will descend on the Shire set.

Prometheus isn’t a prequel to Alien, except, it sorta is. Also, Michael Fassbender joins the production, playing an android.

Finally, check out this awesome Transformers poster, detailing the year, make, and model of all the classic Autobots vehicle forms: (Click for larger, hi-res version)


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