Recently, NBC snagged the rights to producer David Kelley’s Wonder Woman TV series, and will soon begin work on the two-hour pilot film. Now news has surfaced that the frontrunner to direct the project is the second-doucheiest director in Hollywood, McG:

“Sources confirm to me exclusively that McG has emerged as the odds-on favorite to direct the pilot,” TV Line’s Michael Ausiello says.

McG has made some truly awful flicks, such as the two Charlie’s Angels films and Terminator: Salvation, but he has a great television resume that includes Nikita, Supernatural, Chuck, and The Human Target, so there’s a slight chance this won’t be complete shit.

I just wish that a Hollywood studio was brave enough to sink some money into an epic two-hour Wonder Woman film. The character is just as iconic as Superman and Batman, and deserves her place on the big screen with a star director and an awe-inspiring musical score by John Williams. Hopefully McG understands that and at least attempts to give the pilot some scope and a sense of, well….wonder.


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