Today, in very special issue of the Fantastic Four, one of the iconic characters created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961 was killed off in yet another gimmicky, “Hey news media, pay attention to us, we’re going to kill off a superhero as a way to drum up interest in a dying book!” kind of way.  Find out who after the jump:

Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch, is the latest in a long line of desperate, attention-seeking, and ultimately pointless deaths to occur in both Marvel and DC Comic titles in recent years. With video games, iPads, The Internet, blu rays, and 3D carving more and more of the fanbase and readership away, the comics industry seems to always choose these cheap, headline-grabbing “events”, rather than write and draw solid, entertaining stories. I’d really like to feel bad over the loss of the Human Torch, but ultimately this will mean nothing, because he’ll be resurrected in some ludicrous 19-part crossover event two years from now anyway. Credit: CNN


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