There really isn’t any reason to get excited or nervous about this pic of a guy running around the streets of L.A. in a Spider-Man suit, other than it shows what the mask is going to look like in the upcoming reboot. Shockingly, it looks similar to every other Spider-Man mask in the past. The eyes are shaped a bit differently and are a tad smaller, but that’s about it.

You can also see the metallic, homemade webshooters on Spidey’s wrist, backing up Emma Stone’s earlier claims that Peter Parker makes his own web fluid and shooters in this Spidey universe, rather than carry over the controversial organic webshooters from Raimi’s films. For those of you worried about how this suit looks, keep in mind this is a stunt suit, and not the fully-detailed version that Andrew Garfield wears in closeups.


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