I’ve never heard of the movie The White Buffalo and chances are neither have you. It was made in 1977 by director J. Lee Thompson (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Guns of Navarrone, Happy Birthday to Me) and stars Charles Bronson as Wild Bill Hickox. Chris Haberman of Dread Central recently uncovered the old poster for the film, and it was so absurdly awesome I had to share with it with you as well.In the movie, Wild Bill teams up with Crazy Horse to bring down a giant white buffalo terrorizing the land. I don’t know how good or easy to find this movie is but the poster is frakkin’ the shit. I couldn’t find this on Netflix, and eBay copies are pretty pricey, but I’m not here for the movie anyway.  I’m here for that kick-ass piece of art. Thanks to Mr. Haberman and the crew at Dread Central for introducing me to The White Buffalo‘s hand drawn charms.


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