A second trailer for the upcoming fairy tale revamp Red Riding Hood has hit the net and it’s sporting some rockin’ new music in the form of the Nine Inch Nails hit “The Hand That Feeds”. Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman and acting legend Julie Christie star in the period horror flick directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

Now a lot — and I mean a lot— of people in the blogosphere have been down on Red Riding Hood since it was first announced, largely due to the fact that Hardwicke’s last film was a crappy little vampire lovefest known as Twilight. Not helping matters was Warner Bros original trailer, which hammered home the Twilight connections even more, emphasizing a love triangle story between pretty young people central to the plot. I, however, am bucking the trend and openly admitting I’m downright excited for this film. For one thing, the script is from David Johnson, who penned the marvelously campy and perverse 2009 film Orphan, so I’m hoping for something weirder than your average teen flotsam. Then — that cast!!! Twilight could never hope to land someone like Oldman or Christie. (Further geek cred: the movie also stars Stargate: SG-1‘s Michael Shanks and Battlestar  Galactica‘s Michael Hogan.). I’m a HUGE fan of werewolf movies, but genuinely good ones are few and far between, and its been a solid decade since we’ve seen a decent example (unless you consider Cursed or The Wolfman to be worthwhile films.)

I don’t begrudge Warner Bros for riding the bandwagon of Hardwicke’s previous hit to appeal to audiences. For me, Red Riding Hood looks less like a crappy teenybopper romance then a throwback to the lush, melodramatic period horrors of Brotherhood of the Wolf or The Company of Wolves. Or, at least, that’s what I’m hoping it is. Red Riding Hood claws its way into theaters on March 11.



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