Let’s get one thing out of the way before I get into this video – I was, am, and always will be a gigantic LOST fanboy. I was glued to my couch for six straight years watching the adventures of the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors, and my friends and family were all under strict orders to maintain complete cell phone silence for that one hour a week. The penalty for interruption of my beloved LOST was swift and severe. I even loved the overly-emotional, saccharine finale, because I understood that the true meaning behind the show was all about being human, making mistakes, coming to terms with those mistakes, and learning to let go.

That being said, I was violently opposed to any sort of LOST spin-offs or continuations to the story that ended last May – until I saw this fan-film, that is. Maybe it’s just nostalgia, or my ironic inability to let go of LOST, but seeing the Dharma Barracks, that familiar Hawaiian terrain, the ruins of the Orchid, and hell, even that damned Temple again instantly made me want to see more insane time-travel and enigmatic characters running around glowy-light island.

Despite the community-college “Intro to Theatre 101”-level acting in this fan-film, the production values, camera angles, the actual locations, and Michael Giacchino’s iconic music cues make this a really authentic excursion back to the island. Corey Vidal, the man behind the awesome Star Wars acapella video below, is the man responsible for the film, and I want to thank him for providing some ray of hope that a continuation of the LOST saga (with real actors) is a good idea, even without Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Ben, and the rest of those kooky kids.  Credit: /Film


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