Alan Tudyk is one of the most awesome people in the universe, which is why this rumor that he is going to play Ant-Man for Edgar Wright is completely unfounded…it’s just too good to be true. A “concept artist” for the Marvel project blurted out this stream of fecal matter:

“Alan Tudyk is not only locked in for a solo film for the character, but will briefly appear in The Avengers as the character’s scientist counter part Hank Pym Along with wife and fellow super hero Janet Van Dyne(both whose transformation into Ant-Man and Wasp will be shown as the after the credits scene in The Avengers). Both characters will be in the process of creating Ultron(who is set up for the villain role in the solo film). The solo film will start filming directly after The Avengers with a cameo from Wonder Man, A role that is actually being largely considered for Fillion.”

I really want to believe this, because Alan Tudyk would rule the Earth has Hank Pym, but I’m not getting my hopes up. What is it about former Firefly cast members names always being bandied about for every major (and minor) superhero role that comes down the pike?


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