Christmas shopping. Dinner with the in-laws. Finding the perfect Xmas tree. Saccharine TV movie tripe. Traffic. There’s just so much shit to deal with during the holidays, its hard to know what to deal with first, and what to take care after a few holiday cocktails. But folks, have no fear, the lovely ladies of Team Unicorn are here! Rileah Vanderbilt, Clare Grant (aka Ms. Seth Green), Michele Boyd and Milynn Sarley — the gorgeous gals who make up the geek-goddess outfit Team Unicorn — have kindly made us overwhelmed Yuletide yahoos an instructional video to help deal with what may be the single most pernicious threat to besiege us every holiday season: zombies! So break out the nog, roast up some chestnuts and take notes on how not to have A Very Zombie Holiday with this wicked, hilarious and wickedly hilarious short below:

For more Team Unicorn goodness, check out their Facebook page here and remember: don’t prioritize your pies.


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