OH. MY. GOD. It’s rare when I come across a film that immediately looks like one I’ll buy on DVD the day it hits, watch it with friends at least once a month, and endlessly quote dialogue from, but Your Highness is one of them. Written by Danny MacBride and directed by his Eastbound & Down partner in crime David Gordon Green, this flick looks like a completely insane stoner version of The Princess Bride, or Lord of the Rings meets The Pineapple Express.

Your Highness looks like it has it all: Creepy wizards shooting lightning, epic quests, swords and armor, multi-headed dragons, pot-smoking Yoda-like creatures, and Natalie Portman looking drop dead amazing in nothing but a thong. All this, plus the super-dreamy Zooey Deschanel sporting massive cleavage in a medieval corset. Incredible. I’m stunned that a Hollywood studio greenlighted a movie like this, but I’m so glad they did because it looks like a boatload of fun. Look for it in theaters on April 8, 2011.

Ed. Note – This is the R-Rated red band trailer, if you want to see the wussy safe trailer click here.



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