UPDATE: Finally found an embeddable version. Enjoy.

I promised to post this trailer earlier today when it hit the Internetz, but I have yet to find an embeddable version, so for now head on over to Yahoo! for some beautiful HD Quicktime downloads. My impressions? I’m still mixed.

Much of this footage has been seen before, primarily in that San Diego Comic-con reel back in July. From a marketing standpoint, it seems like they are trying to emphasize the beefcake factor with lots of topless Chris Hemsworth shots, and de-emphasize the whole “Norse Mythology” thing. Speaking of which, the Asgard footage has me a bit concerned. It all comes across as a bit flat to me, and the Frost Giants don’t quite work.  That being said, there’s a lot here that does work: The Destroyer looks absolutely awesome; he’s note-perfect and looks like he’s directly lifted from the comics page. Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings are amazingly hot and always a plus, Anthony Hopkins looks all kinds of badass as Odin – but the true money shot, the “woah” moment – is the shot of Thor slamming is hammer down on the ground and seeing the Earth literally rend and crumble beneath his might. Awesome! Thor is in theaters Summer 2011.



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