Uh-oh, Blackbird go boom. io9 has posted these shots of what appears to be the X-Men’s super high-tech ultrajet, The Blackbird after a fiery wreck. There is also a large green structure which could be colored that way to enhance with digital effects later on. X-Men: First Class is supposed to take place in the 1960’s and follow a young Charles Xavier and Magneto around as they develop their infamous rivalry, which means there’s no X-Men yet and therfore no Blackbird.

So what in the name of Phoenix’s flaming bush is going on here, exactly? A sequence in the present that ignites a flashback? A scene that tells the story of the team of X-Men that Xavier sent to the island of Krakoa on a doomed mission from Giant-Size X-Men #1? A crash in the Savage Land or Genosha? Matthew Vaughn re-creating the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 with mutants instead of a fat guy and a doctor with severe Daddy issues? We’ll  have to wait til Summer 2012 to find out…


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