The Walking Dead is an absolutely stunning TV show. Geeks, horror fans, and fanboys across the country are absolutely in love with the adaptation of the critically-acclaimed Robert Kirkman comic books. Its production values and performances are top notch, and since its debut on AMC Halloween night, it has soared in the ratings. The show performed so well for AMC, that it has already renewed the series for a second season starting next October.

Frank Darabont - Uber douche?

Great news for everyone involved in the production, right? Well, not for the writing staff apparently, because Executive Producer Frank Darabont shitcanned the lot of them just in time for Christmas. Deadline reports that Darabont, who wrote two of the season one episodes himself, will continue to write for the show and also farm out scripts to freelancers.

This might come across as a dick move, but hey, Frank Darabont directed and adapted the screenplay for the fucking Shawshank Redemption, so the more involved he wants to be with the writing, the better. I’m sure production costs on this show had a lot to do with the decision as well. The Walking Dead is meticulously filmed with tons of extras in expensive makeup, not to mention the extensive practical and digital special effects in every show. Hell, they probably go through dozens of 40 gallon drums of fake blood per week. Still, this was a pretty shitty Christmas gift if you were a writer on the show; even shittier than a football.


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