Happy Thanksgiving Eve, freaks and geeks! The Carter here, your humble editor-in-chief with some tasty pre-Thanksgiving nerd news morsels for you to digest before you dig into your Thanksgiving day Turkey and stuffing. I’ll be taking a couple of days off from posting to enjoy gorging myself and indulging in some Black Friday shopping ($5 Blu rays, baby!), so until then, enjoy these tasty nuggets and Happy Thanksgiving!

Zach Snyder seems hellbent on going completely overboard with CGI for his upcoming Superman film. Credit: io9

Sticking with Snyder’s Superman, reports are claiming the script resembles Batman Begins, with most of the running time focusing on a young Clark Kent travelling the world as a journalist. Credit: io9

Rounding out the Snyder news, make sweet, sweet love to your eyeballs with  five new mini-clips from Sucker Punch. Credit: /Film 

Here’s a highly entertaining video compilation of  Nic Cage losing his shit from various flicks:

Here’s an exclusive Tron: Legacy behind-the-scenes video about the awesome vehicles seen in the film. Creidt: UGO

Massawyrm’s review of the Warhammer 40k: Ultramarines CG-Animated flick

Finally, here’s a poster for the upcoming flick Apollo 18:


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