Oh. Hell. NO. Look, I’ve got nothing against Matthew Goode. I’m sure he’s a fine actor when Snyder isn’t horribly mis-casting him in roles he has no business playing (Ozymandias, anyone?), but the guy just is not Superman. Oh but wait, there’s even more shitty news!

According to the story at Movienewz, Snyder wants to create and/or enhance Superman’s costume with CGI. Wonderful. I can’t wait to see Goode’s creepy, disembodied head attached to a rubbery, bulked up Superman body. This is exactly the kind of stuff I was worried about when Warner Bros. made the announcement that Snyder was taking the reins of the franchise. There’s no question Snyder has a keen eye and a dynamic visual style, but the guy loves to lay the CGI on thick, and his films usually lack emotional punch.


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