Cripes, Lord of the Rings fans are whiny these days. For over year it’s been non-stop pissing and moaning about The Hobbit.  “Oh no! Del Toro had to leave the film because there were too many delays!”, “Oh no, MGM has no money to fund it!”, “Oh no, Peter Jackson is going to pull the film out of New Zealand because of labor disputes!”, “Oh no! Ian McKellan hasn’t signed on as Gandalf!”

Well, settle down LOTR nerds, because The Hobbit ship is righting itself and soon all will be well in the Shire. Despite being booted off of Peter Jackson’s King Kong remake, composer Howard Shore will once again devote three years of his life to composing the musical score for the adventures of Bilbo and the dwarves in good ol’ Middle Earth.

So, Shore is back, MGM has been bailed out, the labor disputes have been settled, the production has geared up for filming, a great cast has been assembled, and if you honestly think there’s a chance Ian McKellan won’t be back as Gandalf, you’ve been smoking far too much of the halfling’s leaf. Look for The Hobbit in December 2012.


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