Eli Roth, the most visible horror director currently schlepping gore on the market, is still no closer to getting back behind the camera for a new project (c’mon, man, where’s Thanksgiving!?!?) In fact he’s still up to his new old tricks, doing everything but direct, and I got some quick news on two new projects he’s developing as a proudcer. 

Hot off the recent success of The Last Exorcism, Roth is once again donning the mantle of producer for a couple upcoming fright flicks…one of them stemming from a fake YouTube movie preview that (falsely) bore Roth’s name!

Yep, a recent viral vid for a non-existent movie entitled Clown that fooled horror fans a month or so ago, and bore the Hostel helmer’s name, has wound its way into the director’s hands…and he’s decided to make it into a reality. To be directed by Jon Watts, from a script by Watts and Christopher D. Ford, Clown will tell the tale of a ordinary suburban father who puts on a clown costume he finds for his son’s birthday. But when he tries to take it off, he finds he can’t and slowly begins to…change (it’s like an evil version of The Santa Clause.) With its Lionsgate logo and “from master of horror Eli Roth” credit, the faux-trailer looked damned convincing, and damn cool, so it’s damn awesome that the damn thing is actually getting made for realz. If Watts and Ford keep the same tone as the trailer, and don’t stray from the storyline, then this will automatically jump to the top of the list for must-see upcoming horror flicks.

On top of that, Roth is also going to produce Chilean director Nicolas Lopez’ Aftershock. Lopez co-scripts with Guillermo Amoedo, though all that’s been revealed about the film is that it takes place in the aftermath of the massive earthquake the struck Chile earlier this year.

Roth is one of the most divisive names in horror now, but so far, I’ve personally liked the man’s work, so this is all cool news. Now, again…where in the hell is Thanksgiving !?!?


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