Okay, so this trailer for the sure-to-be-kickass Sucker Punch has been floating online for awhile now, long before this site was even a glint in anyone’s eye, but it bears repeated sharing because it looks THAT. DAMN. COOL. It features two of my favorite things: bodacious beauties being strong, sexy, butt-kicking badasses and the industrialized visual stamp of the awesome Zack Snyder. And, as a bonus, I get to beat The Carter to the punch (no pun intended…) with initial Sucker Punch coverage, which feels awesome. Now just click the break to have your brain dazzled.

I think I'm in love...

Fuck and yeah. Dragons. Robots. Samurai. Steampunk-influenced combat scenes. Scott Glenn. And five new potential crushes (me, personally, I’m digging leading lady Emily Browning. Nothing like a hot girl with a giant ass ninja sword.) What’s not to actually love? Sure, Snyder’s films (including 300 and Watchmen for the uninitiated) are more visually astounding then narratively strong or emotionally gripping, but when the images are this friggin cool, who the frak cares? His directorial style is pure retina-hugging eye-candy and I groove to his style, man.

In the film, Browning plays a young woman who’s institutionalized by her cruel stepfather, and escapes into a fantasy world in her head. Joining her on the trip are Jena Malone, Abbie Cornish, Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung. Carla Gugino and Jon Hamm make appearances in the film as well. Warner Bros is set to open the film on March 25, adhering to Snyder tradition (all his films, save for 3D animated epic Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, have opened in the third month.)

I’m totally going to be there opening night, no doubt with the rest of the whacked-out crew that makes up LaserCola and friends. And, hopefully, I’ll get to see you, my Mad Loves, there that night as well, mop and buckets for the drool in hand.




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