Anyone who’s seen Pascal Laugier’s 2009 feral French masterpiece Martyrs knows what a sucker punch to the gut the film is…and that it’s a film that’ll be damn nigh impossible to remake for a coddled American audience without screwing the pooch royally. But that hasn’t stopped Twilight producer (dear God) Wyck Godfrey from trying, and now a director has been attached to bring it to light. Find out who after the jump.

Daniel Stamm, director of this past summer’s “found footage” hit The Last Exorcism has been  brought aboard the new American version of Martyrs. I liked, though did not love Exorcism, which worked better as a mock-doc about a charismatic charlatan preacher than an outright fright flick and Stamm is reportedly angling to bring a little more “light” and “hope” to the proceedings, which I fear will translate into “gratuitous and deeply ill-conceived happy ending” with a dollop of “sanitized beyond all recognition.” Those who’ve seen Martyrs know the film is an intense, ferocious, visceral and punishing piece of work, but one that is riveting, uncomfortable, challenging and strangely beautiful, if not to all tastes (and will be receiving the “Holy Terrors” treatment sooner rather than later.) It’s a film that absolutely cannot support the weight of feel-goodery without losing its point, so any talks about letting in some “light” worries me. Though, with Stamm next attached to direct M. Night Shyamalan’ s latest “Night Chronicles” film, I’m wondering when this particular flick will see the light of day.

My thoughts exactly...

At the very least, the rumors that the Martyrs remake was being groomed as a project for Kristen Stewart have proven to not be true, so we can thank Cthulhu for small miracles.


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