Didja really think yesterday was gonna be it for news about the Greatest Living Actor Known to Man? After bringing you the trailer for Season of the Witch yesterday, here comes the trailer for Nicolas Cage’s other winter 2011 genre flick. And this one’s looking all kinds of badass…

In Drive Angry, Cage plays Milton, a con who breaks out of hell to save his infant granddaughter from being sacrificed by a devil cult led by Billy Burke (he’s one of the few watchable parts of Twilight as Bella’s sheriff pop.) Along the way he’s pursued by a demonic bounty hunter (the always welcome William Fichtner) and helped by a sexy hitchhiker, fittingly played by the stunning Amber Heard. The film is being presented in 3D (of course) and comes to us from the guys that brought us the schlocky-fun My Bloody Valentine 3D from last year, director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer. Dig the trailer below:

Now, I don’t know about you, but this gets me all kinds of excited. This looks like a heaping helping of sliced ham served up Nic Cage style, topped with liberal doses of gritty, loopy action, cheese-whiz occult elements, smirky, dastardly villains and one great bodacious babe to drool over. In other words, this ain’t art, this is pulp nirvana and I’m bouncing with anticipation. Frankly, this is the kind of movie Cage is perfect for — his wild and woolly acting style is better suited to more ridiculous genre projects like this and not the silly, terminally serious fare like Ghost Rider, Next, Knowing and The Wicker Man. Fichtner is always a pleasure to watch — especially when he gets his skeeve on — and the team of Lussier and Farmer know how to make gimmicky use of the 3D format, so I expect plenty of cool, cheap crap to fly into my face when this opens on Valentine’s weekend next year. Since it will be opposite a bland Sandler/Aniston romantic comedy, a frakkin’ Justin Bieber documentary and a something called Gnomeo and Juliet, this will totally be THE date movie for cool couples that otherwise lackluster weekend.

Can I have this for Christmas?


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