Several sources are reporting today that Warner Brothers is considering launching a new live-action Batman TV show after director Christopher Nolan completes his Bat-trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises in Summer 2012. Since this information came from “an unnamed source”, chances are it’s 100% pure bullshit, but you never can tell.

Personally, I think a new Batman TV show would be a great idea, if it was executed properly, had a good creative team behind it, a showrunner with a background in doing superhero adaptations the right way, and a decent-sized budget.  Imagine how awesome a dark, gritty Batman series presented in a Walking Dead style could be. It would be a terrific showcase for the dozens of villains in Batman’s rogue’s gallery (including some we’ve never seen on screen before, like The Ventriloquist, Harley Quinn, or the Black Mask). An hour-long, multi episode series would also do wonders to expand on Batman/Bruce Wayne’s character and relationships.

There is a red flag here, however, as the report stated the series would be “aimed at young audiences”. Which of course, instantly conjurs up nightmarish visions of a 21 year-old Bruce Wayne hanging out at Gotham City coffee houses pining over a young Selina Kyle. The last thing the world needs is another emo teen shit-fest like Smallville to clog up the airwaves for several unwelcome years.  

Link: Ain’t It Cool? News


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