Lo Pan’s Link Dump: 08/06/08

Ed. Note: Lo Pan’s Link Dump is a weekly roundup of the latest geek culture headlines, ripped off gathered from various websites and news sources, all brought to you by your favorite 3,000 year old Chinese sorcerer, David Lo Pan!

The Dark Knight hits the $400 million dollar mark in just 18 days.

Once upon a time, Hollywood was going to make a Halo film. Here’s some newly-discovered concept art and some info on the spec script written by Staurt Beattie in 2001. Hey, want to try something fun? Replace the ‘Chief’ in Master Chief with ‘Bates’, and say it out loud really fast. Haw!

Despite all reports that the script is ass on toast, it looks like the Justice League movie is back on track to start shooting in early 2009. Hmmm…think The Dark Knight making 8 kazillion dollars had anything to do with this sudden resurrection of a comic book property featuring Batman?

Overrated comic creator Todd MacFarlane shares his opinion on the proposed spinoff film of his overrated character, Venom. I hate to break it to you fanboys, but Venom sucks. Always has, always will.

Finally, Megatron may be back in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in tank form. However, he will still look like a pile of spikes and broken boombox parts in robot form. Oh, and the movie will also suck just as hard as the first one.


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