Spider-Man 3 Sets Opening Day Record In Your Sunday Link Dump

Think Will Ferrell movies are getting formulaic and predictable? You aren’t alone. Check out the Will Ferrell Movie Generator.


LOST to end at the conclusion of its’ fifth season in May, 2009. This is awesome news that will hopefully eliminate “filler” episodes, and give the writers the ability to map out a fitting end to the series.

Spider-Man 3 took home the biggest opening day box-office gross of all-time, and is on its’ way to taking in $150 million for the three-day weekend. The astonishing thing is, $150 million isn’t even half of the budget. Yikes.


Liv Tyler to replace Jennifer Connely as Betty Ross in The Incredible Hulk. When questioned about the casting of the Lord of the Rings star, an unidentified studio exec said, “Well, we needed someone with long black hair and a giant rack, and Salma Hayek was unavailable.”

Here’s some shaky, hand-held video of the awesome-looking Iron Man costume in action on the set.

Last and certainly least, here’s the final one-sheet for Transformers. Way to wrap up the worst marketing campaign in the history of Summer blockbusters, ass-clowns.


One comment on “Spider-Man 3 Sets Opening Day Record In Your Sunday Link Dump

  1. Hi, it’s me, your blog. I was just wondering… um did I say something wrong, or make you mad? Maybe I’m just paranoid, but it’s just that you never update me that much any more. And when you do it’s just the same stuff I read on Ain’t It Cool like three days ago. Maybe it’s me, I can change… really… just *sniff* don’t leave me….
    Anyway, I’ll let you go, take care of yourself.
    Your Blog

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