‘Iron Man’ Movie Armor Revealed!


Sweet Merciful Lord, Entertainment Weekly has posted an exclusive photo of the Iron Man suit, and it is FUCKING AWESOME! I just had the biggest geekgasm ever. Everything about this production has me thrilled, from the brilliant casting of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, to the productions stills of the early grey prototype armor.

I was a little leery when I heard that John Favreau, the man behind Elf and Zathura, was going to to direct the film, but every decision he has made so far has been right on the money. He should be applauded for giving the fans early glimpses of the costumes to get a buzz going, rather than hide the designs like that jackass Michael Bay. I spoke to my best friend earlier this evening and he said that after seeing the armor design, it would take a massive fuck-up of galactic proportions to make this movie suck at this point. I couldn’t agree more. Iron Man is my favorite Marvel Comics superhero and I can’t wait for this flick!


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