‘Heroes’, You Disappoint Me…


If you haven’t seen the April 23 episode of Heroes, skeedaddle!



Soooooo….we’ve got an ex-hero with a delusional messiah complex who wants to manufacture a huge catastrophe in New York City (in this case, a human bomb), that will kill millions of people, with the intent on using the resultant collective grief to “bring people together” in the bonds of hope for a more peaceful future. Hmmmm….now where have I seen that before?


Oh yeah…IN THE F**CKING COMICS MASTERPIECE IT WAS RIPPED OFF FROM!!! Wow. Despite the fact that this show is just the X-Men without the costumes, I really thought they were trying to do something creative and original with this series. Well, hell, they had me fooled for a while. Nice one, Tim Kring.


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