I Want ‘Firefly’ Back, Dammit!


Sweet Mother of God, will someone please call Joss Whedon and tell him to get on the phone with the higher-ups at the Sci-Fi channel and DEMAND they give him a contract to produce new episodes of Firefly? The crew of Serenity is languishing in lame projects and roles that they simply don’t fit into. Zoe played a housewife in a God-awful Chris Rock vehicle, Wash creeped me out as a muderous pedophile on CSI, and worst of all, Captain Mal is about to star in a soon-to-be-cancelled FOX mideseason replacement called DRIVE-a lame Cannonball Run ripoff. *sigh* This is all WRONG! I want to see a Sunday  night lineup of Battlestar Galactica at 9 and Firefly at 10, and I want to see it now, damnit! It would be the shiniest night of TV ever!


4 comments on “I Want ‘Firefly’ Back, Dammit!

  1. Ditto. Bring ’em back.

    It’s so sad Execs today have even less patience than viewers. I found Firefly by accident, just got into it – and bam it was gone!

    Should have called it “Star Trek – Firefly” and now doubt it would have got the funding.

  2. i agree. bring it back. i own the season & movie, but that’s not good enough. i started watching bcs ‘Jane’ is HOT!!! and besides tv now SUCKS donkey dicks!!!! BRING BACK FIREFLY!!!!!!

  3. WOW This post should be put everywhere, stick it on the bottom of people’s shoes if neccesary, should be no wall left uncovered ! Firefly needs a comeback, and hey, fans won’t be disappointed if you chuck in another movie or too either 🙂
    It’s just sad Shepherd will never have a comeback, or maybe he could..?

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