LOST 3.15 “Left Behind”- Kate vs. Juliet!


Okay, I’m confused. On Wednesday night’s LOST, Locke comes to visit a captive Kate and tells her that he is leaving with the Others. Later, Kate sees some Others putting gas masks on seconds before a gas canister comes crashing through the window. Kate gets knocked unconscious from the gas and awakens in the jungle handcuffed to Juliet, of all people.

They spend a night of hell chained at the wrists in the pouring rain getting into a catfight over Jack, (resulting in a dislocated shoulder for poor Juliet) and running for their lives from the Smoke Monster, which apparently is too dumb to just go OVER the sonic barrier at the Others’ compound like Kate did a few episodes back.

Right before this happened, Juliet revealed that she had the key for the handcuffs all along, and let herself loose from Kate so she could input the code to activate the barrier and save themselves from “Smokey”. When Kate confronted her about having the key, Juliet said something to the effect of, “I didn’t want to get left behind on my own again”. Kate and Juliet then head back to the barracks to find that it’s been completely deserted. Only Jack and Sayid have been left behind, and they get into an argument when Jack insists on taking Juliet back to camp. When Sayid asks Jack why they should bother taking her with them, he just says “because she was left behind, too.”

So, my question is, did Juliet get gassed like Jack and Kate, decide to find a pair of handcuffs and purposely chain herself to Kate so that she wouldn’t be left behind at the barracks all alone, or was she following some plan by Ben and The Others to infiltrate the survivor’s camp?

This question plagued me all night, until I realized that the answer was eluding me because I wasn’t thinking like the writers of the show. The true answer as to why Juliet didn’t use her handcuff key was to ensure the horny male LOST viewers that they would get to see her roll around with Kate in tight wet clothes hissing and clawing in a super-hot catfight. I mean, DUH. Those LOST writers are always one step ahead. Tricky bastards.

Here’s a few points and questions from “Left Behind”

  • Juliet has apparently never seen or even heard of the Smoke Monster in the three years that she’s been on the island.
  • Besides being too stupid to fly OVER the sonic barrier, the Smoke Monster apparently has a high-powered flash camera which it uses to snap several pics of Juliet. (‘Cause she’s purdy)
  • Cassidy, the girl who was duped by Sawyer in his flashbacks, showed up in Kate’s flashback. Yet another connection between all of these characters.
  • Where did Locke and all the Others go?
  • Did Locke join the Others?
By Jeff Carter Posted in TV

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