Grosse Pointe Blank Sequel?

grosse.jpgJohn Cusack has always been one of my absolute favorite actors of all-time. He has the uncanny ability to make any film he appears in watchable, regardless of how shitty the script or other actors may be. Hell, one Saturday afternoon I even sat through America’s Sweethearts just to see “The Cuse” in action.

One of Cucack’s best performances is in the brilliant 1997 film Grosse Pointe Blank, where he stars as Martin Blank, an international hitman whose next assignment takes him back to his quiet hometown in the Michigan suburbs. Upon arriving, he decides to attend his ten year high school reunion and makes an attempt to connect with his high school sweetheart played by Minnie Driver. It’s a brilliant film filled with Cusack’s trademark quirky humor, some dark dramatic moments, and cool action scenes.

Ten years later, it seems there’s an unofficial sequel coming called War, Inc. A quick check of IMDb reveals Cusack plays a new character named “Brand Hauser” but he’s once again a humorous, unorthodox hitman with Joan Cusack as his assistant. Perhaps this script started life an as true sequel to Grosse Pointe Blank? There’s a lot here to support that theory, but check out the the trailer and you be the judge.

By Jeff Carter Posted in Movies

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