April Video Series: Cobra Commander’s Day Off

Hello all! April’s here, and that means a solid 30 days of grey skies and rain showers. Perfect weather for an evil villain plotting world domination in some giant fortress in the mountains with a giant cobra head on the top of it. Someone like this guy:


Yep, it’s our old pal, Cobra Commander. Winner of the “most annoying voice for a terrorist leader” award from 1982-1990. When he’s not out trying to destroy G.I. Joe with some giant, transforming, weather-changing, mind-controlling doohickey that is certain to fail miserably, he apparently likes to use his time off to steal people’s lunches out of the fridge and remove all the toilet paper from the bathroom stalls, as evidenced in this month’s VodPod series: “Cobra Commander’s Day Off“. Watch the funny five-part series right over there in the sidebar, kids!


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