The “Final Five” Cylons Revealed!


Warning: if you haven’t seen the March 18th, 2007 episode of Battlestar Galactica “Crossroads Part One”, read no further.


Hoo-boy, quite a few bombshells were dropped in last night’s (3-18-07) penultimate episode of Battlestar Galactica’s third season. Colonel Tigh, drunk and tormented by grief over the killing of his wife Ellen, finally revealed that he did the deed on New Caprica himself (on the witness stand during Baltar’s trial, no less). In another stunning courtroom moment, Lee grilled President Roslin, calling her judgment and decision-making abilities into question while under the influence of the hallucination-inducing kamala extract.

In one of the more powerful moments in the show’s history, Roslin glared Lee down and admitted that she was still using the drug, but only because her cancer had returned. We also witnessed what may have been the final straw in the endless conflict between father and son, as Lee cast aside his pilot’s wings, refusing to “serve under someone who would question my integrity”. To which the Admiral replied, “And I refuse to command someone with none.” Ouch. There was also the matter of the strange music that only Tigh, Anders, and President Roslin’s aide Tory Foster could hear.

I haven’t read any of the spoilers for the second half of the season finale, but if I had to guess, I’d say the music that Tigh hysterically claimed was “inside the ship!”, is some sort of transmission that will activate the subliminal programming in the “final five” Cylons, who are all onboard the Galactica. So, with that information in mind, I’m going to call my shot right now and list who I think the “final five” Cylons are. I guarantee you this list will be 100% accurate when you watch next week’s season finale. Trust me.

5.) Tory Foster: This one’s fairly obvious. The President’s aide was one of the only people to hear the odd broadcasts, and she was acting erratically the entire episode. She snapped at the media during Roslin’s press conference, and got quite the verbal tongue-lashing for it. Something is definitely up with her. Cylon!

4.) Anders: He heard the music loud and clear, so everyone’s favorite former pyramid player turned Caprican resistance leader is a skin-job. Bank on it.

3.) Romo Lampkin: I know, I know, Baltar’s shady attorney is way too obvious. But hey, just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you. Cylon!

2.) Lt. Felix Gaeta: I found it sort of funny that Helo related his observation of the unusual smell in the air that always preceded a violent change in the weather back on New Caprica right in front of Gaeta. Helo is a daddy to a Cylon half-breed, and has been shacking up with a Cylon skin job for over a year now, so he may have picked up a certain “sensitivity” to the robotic race. “There’s a storm coming, Felix”. Indeed.

1.) Lee Adama. Yep, that’s right. You heard it here first, folks. Lee Adama, former Admiral of the Battleship Pegasus and CAG of the Battlestar Galactica’s Viper fleet, is a Cylon. If you thought Lee surrendering his wings was a painful moment for Bill Adama, just wait until he finds out his only remaining child really isn’t his child at all, but a stinkin’ Cylon skin job. Leoben’s revelation to President Roslin in the first season episode “Flesh and Bone” that “Adama is a Cylon”, will prove to be true. Everyone just had the wrong Adama in mind.

By Jeff Carter Posted in TV

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