Battlestar Galactica: “The Son Also Rises”

Well, just when you think Battlestar Galactica might have lost a step, the shows’ producers deliver a taught, riveting episode like last night’s “The Son Also Rises”. I especially enjoyed the interaction between Lee and Anders, who were both dealing with the loss of Starbuck in their own unique ways. The writers could have easily filled Anders’ mind with rage for Apollo, and had him lash out at Lee for “stealing Kara” or even blaming him for her death, but it was refreshing to see the two men supporting one another; respecting each other’s mutual love for Starbuck.

Romo LampkinBSG also continued their long-standing tradition of casting superb new guest characters last night with the arrival of Romo Lampkin, a mysterious and fascinating guy who jumped at the chance to defend Gaius Baltar at his trial, despite the fact that his previous lawyers were victims of assassination attempts. Lampkin, who should be familiar to Firefly fans as shifty intergalactic con man Badger, hides behind a pair of shades and has the uncanny ability to manipulate everyone around him using the power of words (his scene with Caprica Six is a prime example). He also has a connection to Lee’s grandfather (“He taught me everything I know”), and is a kleptomaniac, but with interesting motivation (he steals President Roslin’s glasses because he feels they make her look too serious, which he thinks will help Baltar during the trial). Lampkin is one of the best new characters introduced on Galactica since Richard Hatch’s Zarek. Couple this compelling new element with Lee’s decision to truly step out of his father’s shadow, and you have a hell of a recipe for a two-part season finale.


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