Tom Brady Knocks Up Gisele, Too!

The uber-coupleLook out ladies, Dreamboat quarterback Tom Brady’s seed has struck again, this time with his girlfriend of barely two months Gisele Bundchen! I think Tom is hellbent on planting his powerful sperm in supermodels and hot actresses around the world in an attempt to breed a race of unstoppable, and impossibly good-looking uber-humans. Either that, or he just wants a couple kids to toss the ol’ pigskin to in the backyard. Pfft…yeah right, we all know that uber-humans thing is far more likely. Alert the Justice League, Tom Brady’s dastardly plans must be stopped!


One comment on “Tom Brady Knocks Up Gisele, Too!

  1. Nostradamus predicted that in the year 2032 there would be a battle of the Brady spawn when the two half brothers lead the New England Patriots and the Puerto Rico Rum Runners (expansion team from 2027) as they face each other in Super Bowl LXVI. Of course the Patriots are victorious because Tom is the head coach.

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