R.I.P. Captain America 1941-2007

“Captain America’s been torn apart, now he’s a court jester with a broken heart.”—W. Axl Rose 1987.


Well, it’s not garnering the kind of attention that Superman’s death in 1993 did, but if you check out this blog, you’ll see the mainstream media is all over Marvel’s decision to kill Captain America today. The deed apparently transpires in Captain America #25 (released in stores today), as Steve Rogers is gunned down by a sniper’s bullet on some steps outside a courtroom. I’m not exactly sure what Marvel is hoping to accomplish with this little publicity stunt, (there’s no Captain America movie that can benefit from this press coverage, and I doubt this is some kind of metaphorical political statement) but anyone with half a brain knows he isn’t going to stay dead for long. But hey, just in case they are serious about this…fare thee well Cap, we hardly knew ye.


One comment on “R.I.P. Captain America 1941-2007

  1. I heard that Marvel originally wanted Cap to pilot a Viper into a deadly storm and die while halucinating about a Cylon wacko.

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