Spidey 3 Poster & Weekend Link Dump

Hey gang, here’s your weekend Link Dump, enjoy. (Big articles and more “Top Ten” lists are coming soon, promise!)

First up, the awesome new Spider-Man 3 poster: (click for much bigger image)


Despite fears of full frontal backlash, Daniel Radcliffe signs on to complete the Harry Potter film saga.

Robert Downey Jr. is a Metal Head (and I don’t mean Iron) A pic from the set of Iron Man. (Thanks to the Madfrog).

Bernie Mac dishes on his role in Transformers.

Snippets from an L.A. Times interview with Joss Whedon, where he discusses future Buffy TV movies, Wonder Woman, and Firefly.

Tim Kring, creator of Heroes, says Season 2 will feature a totally different story with new characters.

Finally, Velvet Revolver will play Van Halen tunes and speak on behalf of the band at the upcoming Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductions. Weak.


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