‘Heroes’ Comes Into Its Own

Mark your calendars TV nerds, because February 26, 2007 was the night that HEROES ceased to be “LOST Lite”, and came into its own. Up until the Feb. 26 episode, HEROES was a solid, but not spectacular show. It suffered from a few too many characters, some meandering plot-lines, and the occasional script that made characters seem incredibly stupid and naive (hey Mohinder, I’m talking to you pal. You take a super-powered guy who’s acting all kinds of shady with you to seek out the folks with abilities on your Dad’s “List”, and the first person you visit ends up hacked to pieces by Sylar. Hello? I won’t even delve into the mess the Nikki/Jessica, D.L., Micha storyline has become.)

Heroes cast

“Company Man” however, was the episode that finally put it all together for NBC’s fledgling show about ordinary people struggling to live with strange superhuman powers. It was a taut, dramatic, intense hour of TV that answered some huge questions but still left plenty of room for exciting new directions and story-lines. It also had some of the best special effects work I’ve ever seen on a television production. Claire’s burnt, charred body and its subsequent regeneration rivaled anything seen in a big Hollywood production. I dare say Wolverine himself would be jealous!

Although there is nothing new or very original about the show’s premise about mutants living among us (X-Men, anyone?), HEROES has a shot to become a truly great show if Tim Kring and company tighten things up a bit, and perhaps even trim some characters.

By Jeff Carter Posted in TV

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