Vodpod Series 1:Chad Vader

So today I discovered the awesome power of the Vodpod sidebar widget here on wordpress. Vodpod is a really neat site that allows you to upload, organize, and share videos from your own hard drive or any of the video sites out there like YouTube, Google Video, etc. You can then put up the videos and watch them right in the sidebar ( a mini-player will pop out).

What I thought I’d do to make things a little more fun around here is rotate a new series of videos every month, each with a similar theme. First up is Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager, a hilarious ongoing short film series chronicling the misadventures of Chad Vader, the younger brother of Darth Vader. Chad works as the day shift manager at “Empire Supermarket”, where he rules the grocery universe with an iron fist and clashes with his arch-nemesis Clint, the night shift manager. The folks responsible for this brilliant Star Wars parody can be found at Blame Society Productions. Here’s the first episode of Chad Vader:Day Shift Manager. Watch the other ones right over there in the sidebar!


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