Good Tidings…

I’m sitting here listening to ol’ Satchmo sing “White Christmas” on the iTunes, and Louis never sounded better to these ears. Earlier this week I got my grubby paws on a DVD containing 4 Gigs of Christmas MP3’s by artists ranging from The Beach Boys to Billy Idol. Yes, Billy Idol has a Christmas album, and it rules the Earth. You could even say it “Pwns”. The coolest thing about it has to be the cover:

Just look at that! Classic! Tell me you don’t want to run out and buy this CD right now. Go ahead. The other notable detail about this record is the fact that Billy has recorded all of your favorite Christmas tunes in traditional style. That’s right, no Steve Stevens lazer gun guitar solos or “White Wedding” changed to “White Christmas”. This is classic, straight up Christmas classics sung gently and faithfully by Billy fucking Idol. The guy even combed his hair for this damned thing. It’s tremendous. Get a hold of it if you can. (And while you’re at it, try the Twisted Sister Christmas album, too!).


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